Matthew Solan

Health & Fitness Writer

For over 20 years, Matthew has written

for the largest health and fitness publications,

including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,

Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Magazine, Runner’s 

World, Bicycling, Vegetarian Times,

and Yoga Journal.

Matthew has also contributed to popular websites, such as and, and has co-authored many Amazon best-selling books with leading physicians and nutritionists.

He has written for many medical newsletters: UCLA Healthy Years, Duke Health News, and Women’s Nutrition Connection and Women’s Health Advisor from Weil Cornell Medical College.

Currently, he serves as executive editor for Harvard Men’s Health Watch, a monthly newsletter from Harvard Health for men age 65 and older. He also writes a monthly blog for Harvard Health Publications.

Matthew is an active trail and ultra runner, cyclist, and triathlete. He rides most weekends with the St. Petersburg Bicycle Club, and is training for his first Half Ironman.

Going The Extra Mile

Testimonial from Alisa Bowman

“Matthew is a gifted writer and editor who knows how to take complex topics and turn them into fun reads that any lay person can understand. He’s also a great person to work with and someone I admire in every way.”

– Alisa Bowman
Freelance Writer & Editor, New York Times Best-Seller Author

Testimonial from John Stark

“Matthew is a true professional. He delivers informative, well-written, on-time copy that doesn’t need work.”

John Stark
Writer, Blogger, Former Senior Editor for Cooking Light and

Testimonial from Aimee Dingwell

“Matthew’s work is detailed, inviting and practical. He writes excellent service features, but does so with thorough research and a personal angle. And usually requires almost NO editing. He is a true veteran and it shows in the finished product he delivers as the FIRST draft. Would always recommend him and happy to work with him.”

Aimee R. Dingwell
Director at Meetinghouse Miami / Editorial Specialist, Former Executive Editor for SOBeFIT

Testimonial from Mike Carlson

“As an editor for consumer health and fitness magazine, I have assigned Matthew several feature stories over the years. Whenever I have a particularly complicated story that demands a significant amount of research, Mathew is my go-to writer. As a reporter he is smart, resourceful, and curious. As a writer he is prompt, precise, and a consummate pro. I am always impressed with the manuscripts he submits.”

– Mike Carlson
Editor at Physique Press